THE MEANING OF EASTER-Luxman James Source:Dæhæna – Monthly e-Newsletter – April 2021 The significance of Easter is Jesus Christ’s triumph over death. His resurrection means the eternal life that is greater to all who believe in him. The purpose of Easter also means the full conformation of all that Jesus taught and preached during his ministry. If he had not risen from the dead, if he had simply died and not been resurrected, he would have been just another teacher or a prophet. However, his resurrection rebuked all that and provided final and undeniable proof that he was really the Son of God and that he had overcome death once and for all. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death, is the core of the Christian gospel. Saint Paul says that if Christ was not raised from the dead then the preaching and hope was in vain (1Cor.15:14). Certainly, without the resurrection there would not be Christian preaching or faith. The apostles of Christ would have continued as the…

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