Portrait-Cartoon of ACGS Amerasekera circa 1954 – By Max Gerreyn

Dear ALL….I drew this  sketch of my SECOND Guru – the Venerable Gate Mudaliyar ACGS Amerasekera  whilst I was a pupil at his famed art school  down Dawson Road – Bambalapitiya  – when MOST of you who are looking at this were either ankle-biters or had still NOT come onto this planet –  Moreover after I migrated to WA I posted the ORIGINAL of this  cartoon to the Great Mudaliyar in time for his 100th Birthday which was sometime  1980-81   .He  honoured me with  the gift of a hand-written –THANK YOU aerogramme (remember them?)..which is in my treasure box.  He passed away at 101. Such was the mettle – grace – and  absolute GENTILITY of the teachers and men of learning of that era.  I then had the privilege of being subsequently tutored by the equally legendary David Paynter  of whom I also sketched a portrait and mailed him the drawing.  Unfortunately I failed to keep a copy of it.

Deo Gratias


PS…My FIRST and MOST BELOVED Art-master and Guru .. was Mr.K.S.Perera – the Art teacher at my Alma-Mater (St.Benedict’s  College , Kotahena) when I was a student there 1945-56

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